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Student-Athlete Enrichment Program

Our Student-Athlete Enrichment Program structures emphasize:

  • Player Growth & Development
  • Constructive Action in Learning the Game of Basketball
  • Building a Connection Between Positive Adults & Peers
  • 5th Quarter Discount Exchange Initiative 

Objective: Develop a better understanding of the connection between physical & mental fitness, diet & energy levels. 

Goal: Enhance performance off & on the court thru self adjustment for healing & relaxation, along with an increase in hydration, mineralization & detoxification.

How: Ensure daily adequate fluid intake & 5th Qt. Actions that encourage healing, rest & recovery

Healthy Performance is Enhanced Performance

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                        COURTSIDE BEVERAGES & SNACKS

Performance Benefits
Overall Health
Mental Focus
Immune System Booster

Injury Prevention & Healing

Pre/Post Practice/Game "Actions" 

Since the world as a whole has began a youth movement in the sport of basketball our amateur basketball club tackles many important issues & concerns across the landscape of youth basketball.  We are committed to contributing to the overall healthy development of young student-athletes “in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials as individuals, players & citizens of their communities.”   We challenge our players to achieve his or her full potential, have self-esteem & confidence, improve ability to self-reflect, direct, motivate, goal set, serve as a role model & positively participate on & off the court.  All team members are required to motivate one another to participate in 5th Quarter Actions which support healthy youth leadership development on & off the court. 

​​​Direct Benefits
Cellular Repair
Muscle Building
Better Digestion
Brain Food
Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral

Discount off Team Packet vs Weekly Commitment Level

10% off  =  2 days    25% off  =   3 days     50% off  =  +5 days

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"5th Quarter Actions" 

  • address "core concerns"
  • used to "self-adjust"

Is a post practice/game off the court "action", with a teammate or solo, aimed at healing, rest, & recovery. In Action, the Student-Athlete, aims to better understand the impact on their physical & mental fitness. 

The S-AEP discount allows families up to 50% discount on team packet fees & in exchange requires players to participate monthly in our ABC Recharge+ Station duties & also keep a seasonal journal addressing core concerns, their daily action routines along with their experience with live food & beverages!  

​​​​Daily Suggestion
Tonics, Krauts, & Sauces

1-4 tablespoons daily
Kombucha & Kvass

4 oz. daily pre/post WO

5th Quarter


1) 15 min Teammate Partner Stretch 
2) Sip & eat recommended courtside beverages & snacks for 24-48 hours (pre/post workout/game)

3) Enjoy an ICE or Mineral Salt Bath after a Massage or any of the three activities independently

​4) 20-25 minute "Water Stretching" routine
5) Stretch every couple hours for 10-15 minutes for 24-48 hours (pre/post workout/game, add heat or ice, roll out on roller or on balls)

6) Roll out feet with tennis ball or foot roller

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Hidden Pond Live Food & Beverages

S-AEP "Exchange" Discount Program

Core Concerns
​Delayed Fatigue                     Detoxification    
De-hydration                          Inflammation/Circulation
Iron Deficiency                       Relaxation
Throat & Stomach Irritation    Tightness & Stiffness

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