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Group Workouts

Grassroots Basketball Clinics are work! Hard work, BIG reward!
Designed to improve ball handling & shooting.  Clinics compliment customized training packets & done consistently will improve one’s fundamental skill set.   Tailored to develop players throughout Indiana, clinics will teach all aspects of the game such as ball handling, shooting, attack moves, passing, spacing, cutting, screening, defense, and rebounding. Recommend players attend at least 2 clinics per week. No Membership is required for participation.

Team Training (TT) AKA Practice focuses on technical instruction & team principles, fundamentals, offense & defense.  We challenge kids to learn the game & become a team player on both ends of the court. Membership Required.

Player Growth & Development

Get Better Daily

DC's Ultimate Training program aims to promote healthy player growth & development for competitive student-athletes in their corresponding age group through instruction, mentorship & coaching.  All training provides ongoing player assessment & feedback providing a better understanding of "who the player is & his or her future potential".

Training Membership

A season packet is typically completed within a 2-4 month time frame, demanding 2-4 evenings per week for 10-15 weeks, with flexibility, but requires consistency.  

DC's Ultimate 1-on-1 Skills & Mentorship Program
Is Basketball In Your DNA?

Daily court time with purpose, a tailored training program fits the student-athlete, their knowledge, experience, maturity & ambition. Players are encouraged, nurtured, supported, & inspired.  Players become confident, productive, healthy players who develop a clearer understanding of who they are & what they want to become & their future potential.  Players emerge as fundamentally sound, mentally tough, well-rounded strong teammates. Together they focus on setting & achieving personal, player & team goals.  Together they commit to hard work & consistency on & off the court.  Players experience ongoing assessment & feedback, develop greater self-awareness & see the world, & themselves, as others do.  Players develop greater self-adjustment.   Player’s team placement, scouting, performance & exposure is facilitated by ABC Staff.​

Customized Workouts
​​Individual Workouts (IWO)  mold a unique tool set & understanding of the game.  In addition, a player's personality is strengthened & develops into a well-rounded, versatile, fundamentally sound teammate.  Membership Required.    
Small Group Workouts (SMGWO) are great for fostering competition from players with similar skill levels. In addition, smgwo helps in recognizing strengths & weaknesses in player’s game & sets up a platform for his or her personal growth.  Membership Required.  

FUNDAMENTALS are key to your success as an individual & team player!

Get Better Daily

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