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​​​​​​What is your Skill Level?
Beginner (BEG) K-HS, less than 2 yrs
Intermediate (INT) 4th-6th grade, +1 year team blaze
Advanced (ADV) 6th-HS/+3 years of team blaze​​


​​Commitment & Fees
All fees must be paid on time according to the schedule set. If a fee payment is returned for NSF, all fees associated with the NSF will need to be paid by the offending party. Consequences of no payment, late payment, or returned checks on the set schedule or customized fee schedule include:
1. Players will not be able to practice until payment is made.
2. Players will not be able to play in competition until payment is made.
Fee Refund
1. Should participant become injured during the season, a pro-rated refund will be issued upon presentation of a doctor's note.
2. Should a participant quit no refund will be issued.
Scholarship/Exchange Discount
Our Student-Athlete Enrichment Program offers a 10-50% off of Team Blaze Select Team Packet Fees to all rostered players in exchange for participation commitment to 5th Quarter during the season.
1. Participate in 5th Quarter which promotes activities aimed at body awareness, injury prevention & healing through increased daily awareness & maintenance.  Maintaining a personal journal is mandatory.
2. Participate in Monthly Seasonal Recharge+ Station Activities (Beverage & Food preparation, sampling, promoting)
3. Participate in the end of Season Retreat & Share Your Experience
Quitting Policy
1. If a player quits during the previous season, and it was not for a medical reason, the player will be required to pay fees for the past season and the current season in advance.
2. If a player encounters a medical condition or a season-ending injury, there will be a pro-rated (by month) refund of fees paid and no penalty will apply for the following year.
3. If a player quits for any reason other than a medical condition, the player is liable for the full season fee, and/or no refund will be issued.
4. If a player has quit, but feels there are extenuating circumstances associated with their decision, and they want the requirement for prepayment waived, the player and parent must appear in person before our Travel Team Board to present their case.

Registration Links

​No Membership Required for Participation​

Grassroots Basketball Clinics 

Bloomington Adv 
Bloomington Beg/Int
Brown Cty 
Jennings Cty
Colorado Springs
3 on 3 Grassroots Basketball Elementary School League 
Team Registration: $500
Individual Registration: $150 per player 
Instruction Only Session:  $75 per player

Membership Registration

K-5th              Annual/Seasonal    
6th & older     Annual/Seasonal  

​​​Important Membership Details
-ABC Complete Player Profile           
-Players Receive Tee
-Mid-Season Evaluation                    
-Post Season Review, Team Placement & or Recommendation
-Comprehensive Assessment & Feedback (R&R)

DC's Ultimate 1-on-1 Skills & Mentorship

Individual Workouts (IWO)

Small Group Workouts (SMGWO)

Team Training Aka (Practice)

  • Non Team Player
  • Team Member

Team Packets (A-E)

Packets vary in number of workouts (IWO, SMGWO, TT & GB clinics) per season. 

  • A season packet is typically completed within a 2-4 month time frame (a season), demanding 2-4 evenings per week for 10-15 weeks, with flexibility, but requires consistency.  
  • Workouts are demanding & rewarding, teach hard work & mental toughness.
  • Workouts challenge players to achieve goals thru hard work, commitment, & consistency.
  • Workouts enhance performance level of all committed basketball players through instruction & coaching.​
  • Workouts prepare players for their feeder, MS & HS programs.
  • S-AEP Discount Codes (10/25/50%) in Exchange for 2/3/5 days of 5th Qt. weekly, respectively.

1.  LOGIN is required to schedule a workout

2.  Create LOGIN is required to Make a Purchase.

3.  Various purchase payment plans are available for your convenience, including PayPal link:  https://www.PayPal.Me/ABC2017F (/$amt) at the end.

4.  Membership (Annual or Seasonal) is required for most workout packets.

5.  Satelite Grassroots Clinics are site specific ​& require 10 player registration minimum, within 48 hours of the event, or will be cancelled.

6.  48 hour cancelation policy for all activities is preferred​; no show penalty

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