Very humbling ranked top 25 in the nation. True grassroots effort by parents, coaches & players.  Thanks Prep Hoops.

Work Hard.


Team Players & Training

Team Blaze, our amateur basketball club, based in Bloomington, is designed to provide an optimum opportunity to learn the game of basketball and improve individual basketball skills. Program director, Derrick “DC” Cross, is dedicated to training and coaching kids who are committed to basketball development through individual and team training. 

Teams & Game Season

Every season we look forward to meeting & adding new players.  There are continuous “tryouts-skills assessment" during weekly workouts & games. Skills assessments determine team rosters that are “open” & “competitive” all year long.   Typically we have a core group of returning players for our upcoming season.  Team Players Commit to a Team Training Packet & to 5th Quarter Recharge+  Plan. "Practice Only" players accepted.

  • Elementary (2nd-6th):  Pre-Season 3-on-3 League / Winter Season: League / Tourney Season
  • Middle School (7/8):  Pre-Season 3-on-3 League / Tourney Season
  • High School:  Pre-Season 3-on-3 League / Tourney Season

Team Training Packet Options
A  10 IWO, 6 SMGWO, 15 TT, 16 Clinics Price:$1156
B  12 IWO, 12 SMGWO, +15 TT, +20 Clinics
Price: $1456
C  20 IWO, 6 SMGWO, +15 TT, +20 Clinics Price: $1690
D  6 IWO, 6 SMGWO, 12 TT, 15 Clinics
Price: $976
E  5 IWO, 5 SMGWO, 12 TT, 12 Clinics
Price: $636

ABC Membership Services      Annual Fee $100

ABC Membership is required for All Advanced Players & Team Players.        
--Comprehensive Player Profile
--Team Placement
--Bi-Annual Team Player Evaluation/Parent Consultation
--S-AEP Discount Coupon Option available for Team Training Services

Thank you for your support!  

These kids appreciate the opportunity.  

They dream big & work hard!