FUNDAMENTALS are key to your success as an individual & team player!

What is your Skill Level?
  • Beginner (BEG) K-HS, less than 2 yrs
  • Intermediate (INT) 4th-6th grade, +2 years/+1 year team blaze
  • Advanced (ADV) 6th-HS/+3 years of team blaze

AbcScoutMe Services

Must see calendar for complete schedule, practices & clinics are set; IWO & SMGWO must be scheduled via email (home page/icon/pdf download).

Grassroots Basketball Clinics are work! Hard work, BIG reward!

Designed to improve ball handling & shooting.  Tailored to develop players throughout Indiana, clinics will teach all aspects of the game such as ball handling, shooting, attack moves, passing, spacing, cutting, screening, defense, and rebounding. Recommend players attend at least 2 clinics per week. Clinics compliment customized training packets & done consistently will improve one’s fundamental skill set.  No Membership is required for participation.                                                  
Beginner (BEG-Phy Fit & Fundamentals) / Ball Handling (BH) & Shooting (SH) for Intermediate & Advanced (INT & ADV)

Options (Site Specific) Price

Single Clinic                 $25

4 clinics                        $60
8 clinics                        $108

12 clinics                      $144

Unlimited                     $175

All clinics 45/60Minutes

Team Training (TT) AKA Practice in Bloomington Only

Focuses on technical instruction & team principles, fundamentals, offense & defense.  We challenge kids to learn the game & become a team player on both ends of the court. Membership Required.

Options                                    Price                   
Single Session TT                       $35                    
5 TT Sessions                           $165                      
½ a Season 8 TT sessions       $260                   
Full Season 15 TT sessions     $450

Level              Duration

BEG           60-75Minutes

INT & Adv  90Minutes-2hrs.   

Customized Workouts:  Group & IndiviDual

Individual Workouts (IWO)

IWO mold a unique tool set & understanding of the game.  In addition, a player's personality is strengthened & develops into a well-rounded, versatile, fundamentally sound teammate.  Membership Required.    
Level/Options      Duration           Price
BEG (K-3rd)              30Minutes            (5): $120 (10): $240  (15): $350
BEG Packet (10)       45Minutes           $450
INT Packet (5)           45Minutes           $250
INT Packet (10)         45-60Minutes      $500
ADV Packet (10)       60Minutes            $550
ADV Packet (15)       60-75Minutes       $825

Small Group Workouts

SMGWO are great for fostering competition from players with similar skill levels. In addition, smgwo helps in recognizing strengths & weaknesses in player’s game & sets up a platform for his or her personal growth.  Membership Required.  
Options           Price
Single Session     $45
Packet (10)          $350
Packet (15)          $525
Level                   Duration
INT                      45Minutes
ADV                    60Minutes/1 hr

ABC Membership Services      Annual Fee $100

ABC Membership is required for All Advanced Players & Team Players.        
--Comprehensive Player Profile
--Team Placement
--Bi-Annual Team Player Evaluation/Parent Consultation
--S-AEP Discount Coupon Option available for Team Training Services

Workouts are typically held between 3:30-9:30 pm Monday-Friday& in the am during certain weekends at Bloomington HS North or the Twin Lakes Rec Center

-BHSN:  3901 N Kinser Pike  Bloomington, IN
Entrance (Back Doors; Park near softball/soccer fields)
-TLRC: 1700 W Bloomfield Road Bloomington, IN

  Training Membership

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